Indoor & outdoor childcare centre areas

At Little Grommets Early Learning Centre, children have the opportunity to explore both indoor and outdoor play areas.

Our educational program encourages inside and outside play, where children have lots of opportunities throughout the day to move where they feel most comfortable.

All age groups make use of our specifically designed playgrounds to test their skills. Visit our childcare centre today.


Our inside spaces are very spacious, with great natural light. We can set up different learning areas for reading, arts, dramatic play and construction.

Our learning environment has been purposely designed to ensure it provides a range of stimulating zones for children to play, learn and grow.

We have designed our learning areas to help each child reach their potential, taking into account their own unique interests and stage of development.


The outdoor area is an essential part of the learning environment for children. At Little Grommets Early Learning Centre, our outside area has been designed to ensure maximum use at all times of the year.

The design provides opportunities for quiet, relaxation as well as large running games and everything in-between. We believe that learning isn’t limited to an inside classroom and that all children learn in different settings. 

We have a Zen area where children can relax, read, draw and simply be in the moment. Our vegetable garden provides children with the opportunity to learn about sustainability and the concept of paddock to plate.

Our sand and mud pits offer sensory and messy play. We also have a bike track, climbing wall and climbing frames for gross motor development and risk-taking, as well as a large grass area for running, jumping and ball games. 

Throughout the warmer months, our water play area features jet streams, misters and water features to keep the kids cool on hot summer days.

At little Grommets Early Learning Centre, we have a separate area for children under 2. Giving them the chance to develop their individual skills without the hustle and bustle of the older kids.


Little Grommets Early Learning Centre provides a range of healthy and nutritious meals. Our 4-week rotating menu offers a variety of meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our meals are based on government guidelines, in terms of daily sugar intake, portion sizes and nutritional requirements. We follow the Healthy Eating Guidelines set out in the Australian Government’s healthy eating publication Get up and grow: Healthy eating and physical activity for Early Childhood. 

Please let us know if your child has any food intolerances or allergies, so we can allow for them. This information will be gathered on enrolment.

Our weekly menu will be displayed in the services foyer and on the website for families to consult with.